2006 Newspaper Coverage

December 29: BusinessDay: “New school of thought on fish” by Ernest Harsch

November 26: Los Angeles Times: “Not Enough Fish in the Sea” by Kenneth R. Weiss

November 26: The Boston Globe: “The Next Big Fish – Chilean sea bass was the first celebrity fish” by Charles P. Pierce

November 20: The Gazette (Montreal): “State-subsidized Destruction at Sea

November 19: The New Times (Kigali): “African Waters Over Fished” by Jumah Ssenyonga

November 17: CanWest News Services: “Subsidies to `strip-mining’ trawlers need to stop” by Margaret Munro

November 17: The Australian:Scientists foresee world of aliens and Dr Doolittles” by Lewis Smith

November 17: The Calgary Herald: “End fish trawler subsidies: report: Cost would idle them” by Margaret Munro

November 17: The Edmonton Journal: “‘Strip-mining’ of fisheries condemned: Japan, Russia among countries
subsidizing destructive trawlers
” by Margaret Munro

November 17: The Gazette (Montreal):Subsidies fuel ‘strip-mining’ fishing trawlers” by Margaret Munro

November 17: The Ottawa Citizen: “Subsidies devastate fish stocks” by Margaret Munro

November 17: The Vancouver Sun: “Fuel subsidies keep trawlers ‘strip-mining’ sea” by Margaret Munro

November 17: Sundaymirror: Intelligent robots, no religion, and talking animals” by Nick Webster

November 17: Times Colonist (Victoria):Nations prop up illegal fishing: report” by Margaret Munro

November 16: Guardian:Life in 2056: longer, healthier – and not alone” by James Randerson and Ian Sample

November 16: Telegraph:An invitation to look foolish’ or a window into the future?” by Anil Dawar

November 15:Jamaica Gleaner News: “Overfishing in Jamaica” by Peter Espeut

November 7: Herald Tribune:Protecting our deep seas” by Joshua Reichert

November 4: Vancouver Sun: A global effort is needed before sea life is past the point of no return” Editorial

November 4: Telegraph Media Group: “Fishermen have lost the plot by Charles Clover

November 3: Toronto Star:Seafood species face extinction” by Peter Calamai

November 3: Vancouver Sun:Fisheries facing collapse” by Nicholas Read & Margaret Munro

October 31: The Ubyssey:Parasitic sea lice killing BC’s wild salmon” by Amanda Stutt

October 28: Press-Register:Fisheries scientist Daniel Pauly will deliver lecture in Mobile” by Ben Raines

October 9: Seattle Post Intelligencer:Although some species thrive, the feast is actually a
” by Robert McClure

August 24: Straight“Fish farming for the future” by Andrew Findlay

August 8: La Vanguardia: “There will come a day when the Spanish fleet will dedicate themselves to catching
” by Beatriz Navarro

July 30: The Baltimore Sun: A primeval tide of toxins by Kenneth R. Weiss

July 30: Los Angeles Times:A primeval tide of toxins” by Kenneth R. Weiss

June 23: Mingpao Newspaper:Fishing damages the golden triangle of coral reef in Southeast Asia” by Kangyan Lao

April 02: Maine Sunday Telegram: “Without drastic measures, Gulf of Maine cod fishery will be lost forever” by Priscilla Brooks and Rashid Sumaila

March 27: Hartford Courant:”Fishing subsidies spur emptying of the oceans “by Andrew Sharpless

March 21: Baltimore Sun:”Depletion of oceans demands an end to fishing subsidies” by Andrew Sharpless

March 05: The Independent: “Could a little Bono save the world’s fish?” by Peter Calamai

March 04: The Independent:”Management options” by Alisha Morrissey

February 25: Toronto Star:”Could a little Bono help save the world’s fish?” by Peter Calamai

February 18: The Globe and Mail:”Fisheries need political action” by Mark Hume

January 08: Toronto Star:”It’s ugly. And endangered, too? ” by Peter Calamai

January 06: The Washington Post:”NOAA Puts On Hold Draft Rules to Prevent Overfishing” by Juliet Eilperin