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September 14: Reporterre: Comment scientifiques et écologistes peuvent travailler ensemble. L’example de la surpêche.


May 17: Scientific American: Marine Protection Goes for Larger Swaths of Sea by Nicola Jones
May 16: Nature News: Marine protection goes large by Nicola Jones
April 9: Science News: Big fishing yields small fish by Janet Raloff
March 9: L’Hebdo: Un label éclaboussé par la controverse by Linda Bourget
March 5: Azure: A desert in the ocean
March 3: Conservation Magazine: Scientists grapple with measuring the human impact on global fisheries
February 10: Nature News: Artic fishing
February 4: R & D Megazine: Arctic fisheries’ catches 75 times higher than previous reports: UBC research


December 21: Scientific American: What’s the catch? Researchers wrangle over how to measure commercial fishing’s impact on ocean biodiversity by Mike Orcutt
December 16: Down To Earth: Count the bycatch by Tiasa Adhya
December 10: Ocean Power Magazine: New research program to predict the future of oceans launched by Tracy Smith
December 8: Nature News: Islands champion tuna ban by Christopher Pala
November 19: Science: Key indicator of ocean health may be flawed by Erik Stokstad
November 17: New Scientist: Row erupts over number of big fish in the sea
November 17: Nature: ‘Fishing down food chain’ fails global test by Daniel Cressey
October: Crisol: Con grandes areas protgidas, se podria controlar la pesqueria by Patricia Blanco Picado
October: So To Ko To: Sea without fish Q & A
October: National Geographic: Time for a sea change by Paul Greenberg
September 30: Nature: Correspondence on Marine stewardship
September 27: Canadian Business: Food: Something’s fishy by Matthew McClearn
September 1: Nature: Seafood stewardship in crisis
September: Nature: Charismatic carbon
August 30: Conservation Magazine: Pricing protection by David Malakoff
August 2: The New Yorker: The scales fall by Elizabeth Kolbert
August: L’Encre de Mer: Le poisson n’est pas un produit de masse, mais un produit occasionnel qui doit rester festif
August: Nature: Researchers on a mission by Emma Marris
August 1: The Economist: Cod, phytoplankton, and shifting baselines
July 16: Science: How a little fish keeps overfished ecosystem productive by Elizabeth Pennisi
July: Academia Hoy: Daniel Pauly, en Cumana by Teresa Rodriguez de Tononi
June 24: L’Express: Un rebelle sans filet
May 24: UN fish stocks review opens with dire outlook
May 18: Oil spill update: Ban might help fisheries recover; hurricane predictions; dolphins and sea turtles; oil plume controversy
May 7: OnEarth Magazine: Gulf oil spill’s impact on fisheries, sea life
May 7: OnEarth Magazine: Gulf oil spill: An opportunity for conservation?
May 4: Science: British trawlers working nearly 20 times as hard to catch fish by Gretchen Vogel
April 29: New Scientist: Biodiversity: try as we might, things just keep dying
March 19: New Scientist: Recipe for rarity: fish threatened by cookbooks
2010: Fondo Europeo de la Pesca en Espana: Entrevista: En primera persona
March 4: The New Republic: A ban on Bluefin just might do the trick
March: E: The Environmental Magazine: Coral crisis in the Caribbean
February 4: The Atlantic: “Sustainable” Fish: A Sham?
February 3: IntraFish: Pauly: MSC has nothing to do with conservation
January 28: Le Point: Un biologiste au chevet des poissons
January 5: The New Republic: Invest in tuna by Marty Peretz


December 3: Science: Can science keep Alaska’s Bering Sea Pollock fishery healthy? by Virginia Morell
December: Common Ground: Pet connections by Geoff Olson
November 26: Intrafish: Marketplace alone can’t protect seafood supply by John Fiorillo
November 18: Canadian Cattlemen: Feed fish to people, not pigs
November 17: Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News: Alternative animal feed part of global fisheries crisis fix
November 17: R&D Magazine: Alternative animal feed part of global fisheries crisis fix
November 12: New Scientist: Tuna in peril as catches reach triple the limit
November 2: The Economist: Tricks of the trade
October 27: New Scientist: US FDA says omega-3 oils from GM soya are safe to eat by Andy Coghlan
October 8: Maclean’s: One colossal waste by Nancy Macdonald
October 7: The New Republic: Aquacalypse Now: The end of fish
September: Waterkant: Kampfansage an industrielle Fangflotten
September: Que Pasa En Breve: La historia de Daniel Pauly, el cientifico top que visita Chile
September 25: Que Pasa: La Fragilidad de un Pez by Andrew Chernin
July 16: SEED Magazine: Finding Fish by Maywa Montenegro
July 5: El Pais Semanal: Daniel Pauly
July/August: Revista Pesca: Extractos de “La Entrevista: Vida Sana” Daniel Pauly, biologo
Spring/Summer: Frontier: Sea Change
June: Suddeurtsche Zeitung Wissen: Fisch Istaus
June 5: Science: Persevering researchers make a splash with farm-bred tuna by Dennis Normile
May/June 2009: YES Magazine: Eat like a pig by Rowena Rae
May 28: Science: Protecting the last great tuna stocks by Christopher Pala
May 11: Scientific American: Daniel Pauly: Fishing for a Perfect Ocean by Katherine Harmon
May: Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment: Fishy health claims in doubt by Noreen Parks
March 23: Practical Fishkeeping: Polar fish fauna set to change as earth warms up
March/April: Foreign Policy: Sushinomics
March 3: The Ecologist: To farm or to fish – does aquaculture have the answer? by Matilda Lee
February 17: Time: Will killing whales save the world’s fisheries? by Bryan Walsh
February 16: Scientific American: Climate change erodes marine reserves by Andrew McGlashen
February 13: Science: Should whales be culled to increase fishery yield?
February 12: New Scientist: Ocean climate change: a really inconvenient truth by Peter Aldhous
February 12: Ajax World Magazine: Scientists conclude that culling whales will not help fisheries in tropical regions
February 12: Scientific American: Fish seen shifting 125 miles by 2050 due to warming by Alister Doyle
January 16: New Scientist: Fish “an ally” against climate change by Catherine Brahic
January 16: Science: Contribution of fish to the marine inorganic carbon cycle
January 16: Australasia Scuba Diver: Fish poo vital in fight against climate change
January 15: Nature: Fish are crucial in oceanic carbon cycle by Roberta Kwok


Silent Seas: Jellyfish Supper
December 5: The Walrus: Q&A: Taras Grescoe by Jared Bland
November 24: The American Prospect: Saving the fish banks by Colin Woodward
November 3: Scientific American: Animal feed is fishy by Adam Hinterthuer
October 9: Islands Business: Tarawa’s approach to tuna conservation by Christopher Pala
October 2: New Scientist: Giant tuna kindergarten identified in Atlantic by Phil McKenna
September 12: Science: Response to Comment on “A global map of human impact on marine ecosystems”by Selkoe et al.
September 4: Queen Charlotte Island’s Observer: Good news, bad news for fishery by Judy McKinley
September 12: Science: Comment on “A global map of human impact on marine ecosystems” by Michael R. Heath
September 11: Good Magazine: Fin, the last days of fish by Peter Alsop
September 8: Islands Business: Under-reporting fish catches a concern by Samisoni Pareti
August 28: Smithsonian: Victory at sea by Christopher Pala
August 26: Sport Fishing: Catches from tropical island nations vastly underreported
August 14: Queen Charoltte Islands Observer: Action needed to avoid long-term decline in fish stocks
August 5: Sport Fishing: Catches from tropical island nations vastly underreported
2008: National Geographic: The seas are depleted
July 9: Mondiaal Magazine (Brussels, Belgium): Visvangst wordt grof onderschat by Stephen Leahy
June 28: Newsweek: The tragic tale of the last tuna by Benjamin Sutherland
June 27: Grist: Fish and pigs and chickens, oh my! by Erik Hoffner
June 3: Trumpet: Where have all the fish gone? by Robert Morley
April 2: Vanity Fair: Ocean’s 9 by Evgenia Peretz
March 31: The Economist: Invasion of the holiday-snatchers
March: Fisherman Life: An interview with Daniel Pauly by Margaret Boyes
Spring: Trek: Cheers for Daniel Pauly
Winter 2007/2008: Humanist Perspectives: Subsidies & deep-sea fish depletion by Rashid Sumaila
February 20: Science and Spirit: Holy mackerel by Jennifer Jacquet


December 26: Veja (Brazil): Multiplicação dos peixes by Marcio Orsolini
Fall 2007: Oceana Magazine: Fisheries subsidies expert, Ahmed Khan
December 13: Time Magazine: Laying waste to the deep sea by Ken Stier
December 13: Nature: All fishing nations must unite to cut subsidies by Rashid Sumaila and Daniel Pauly
Nov/Dec: Action Asia: Basis for change by Patricia Sorongon, Marianne Pan, and Steve White
November 5: The New Yorker: Neptune’s navy by Raffi Khatchadourian
November 2: Science: Tales of a small, but crucial, fish by Daniel Pauly
October 13: Science News: Invasive, indeed by Sid Perkins
September 24: Smithsonian Magazine: Fishy business by Anne Sasso
September 19: Time Magazine: Fish farming’s growing dangers by Ken Stier
September: Pour la Science: Carpe diem? by Ivar Ekeland
September: Granville Magazine: Good fish, bad fish by Isabelle Groc
August: Zeitzeichen (Germany): Saures wasser by Roland H. Knauer
July: Conservation Magazine: 10 solutions to save the oceans by Tundi Agardy
May 16: Sciences et Avenir: Les ‘’traînées de boue’’ des chalutiers by Cécile Dumas
May 10: Nature: Ghosts of destruction
May 10: Nature: Ransom Aldrich Myers (1952-2007) by Daniel Pauly
May 1: Scientific American: Environment groups want fish protected in WTO deal by Laura MacInnis
May: Öko-Test vol. 5: Ozeane in see-not by Zukunft der Meere
April 27: Science: Marine biology: killing whales for science? By Virginia Morell
April 12: ScienceNow Daily News: Marine reserves not keeping pace by Erik Stokstad
March 6: Plenty: “Greener fish to fry” by Justin Nobel
February 17: New Scientist:Deep-sea trawling neither green nor profitable” by Catherine Brahic
January: Cosmos: “The fisher king” by Peter Calamai
January 25: Nature:A marine biologist dives into the history of the Gulf of California” by Daniel Pauly
January/February: New Internationalist:The Rise of Slime” by Kenneth Weiss


Volume 22, No.3: California Coast & Ocean: “Shifting Baselines” by Anne Canright
November 18: New Scientist:Daniel Pauly forecasts the future” by Daniel Pauly
November 5: Time Magazine:Oceans of Nothing” by Unmesh Kher
November 3: Cosmos Magazine:No more seafood by 2048” by Hamish Clarke
November: Pour la Science vol. 349 (Scientific American):On shifting baselines (in French)” by I. Ekeland
October 12: New Scientist:Imagine Earth without people” by Bob Holmes
October 12: Nature:The real sea change” by Mark Schrope
October 5: UBC Reports:Jellyfish sandwiches?” by Basil Waugh
September 15: Raise the Hammer:Bedtime for Large Ocean Vertebrates” by Ryan McGreal
March: University Affairs: “ Google scholar service matches Thomson ISI citation index” by Leo Charbonneau
January/February: Vancouver: “Best Big Green Voice” by J.M.


December 31: New Scientist: “ Europe again ignores scientists’ advice on fish” by Debora MacKenzie
December: Greek Fishing News:Daniel Pauly and Aristotle University” by D. Bobori and K. Stergiou
November 07: New Scientist: “Marauders continue to plunder the oceans” by Emma Young and James Randerson
October: Hellenic Fishing News: “ The 3rd mini FishBase symposium” by K. Stergiou and D. Bobori
October: Hellenic Fishing News: “ The 6th annual FishBase consortium meeting” by K. Stergiou, D. Bobori, and A. Tsikliras
July 25: “Regional co-operation makes economic sense
June 23: Nature: “Bill on deep-sea fish farms brings wave of disapproval” by Rex Dalton
May 5: Seafood Intelligence: “Economic report looks at BC sablefish farming
May 5: Intrafish: “Study says farmed sablefish not economically, ecologically viable in British Columbia
April 15: Science: “Toward Ecosystems Oceanography” by Philippe Cury
February 03: Nature:”Rebuilding Fisheries will add to Asia’s problems” by Daniel Pauly


December 16: Nature: “Much rowing for fish” by Daniel Pauly
November 04: Nature: “ Sink or swim” by Henry Nicholls
August 28: New Scientist: “ Who’s reading what” by Daniel Pauly
August 27: Science: “ A decktop view of overfishing” by Caroline Ash
July 20: Nature: “Whales cleared of competing with fishermen” by Amanda Leigh Haag
July 9: Science: “Hauling In Better Catch Data” by Mitch Leslie
June 3: UBC Reports:Jellyfish for lunch?
May 12: New Scientist: “Whales, seals and fishermen rarely take same prey” by Bob Holmes
May: BC Business: “The New Elite
May: Wired: “The Bluewater Revolution” by Charles C. Mann
March: Fisheries Oceanography: “Book Review: In a Perfect Ocean: the State of Fisheries and Ecosystems in the North Atlantic Ocean” by Kenneth T. Frank and Jae S. Choi
February 19: National Geographic: “Trawlers Destroying Deep-Sea Reefs, Scientists Say” by John Pickrell
February 4: Working Waterfront: “3 Ocean Books Reviewed: No Good News and a Fair Amount of Bad” by Ben Neal
January/February: American Scientist: “Can We Have Our Fish and Eat Them Too?” by Phillip Levin
January: Choice: “Book Review ” by F.T. Manheim


November 21: Conservation in Practice: “The emerging shape of the global fisheries crisis” by Reg Watson, Adrian Kitchingman and Daniel Pauly.
November 10: UBC Reports: “Scientific American Names Director of UBC’s Fisheries Centre a World Leader in Research
November 3: Maclean’s: “The Empty Seas: It’s time to stop devouring the most overfished and worst-managed seafoods” by John Demont
October 29: Environmental Entrepreneurs Update: San Francisco EcoSalon on Oceans: Depleting the Bountiful Sea” and “Boston EcoSalon: “Oceans: A National Treasure at Risk
October: Fisheries: Quebec wrap-up: Parlez-vous poissons?
September 11: Nature: Net losses: Overfishing in the north Atlantic Ocean has left fish stocks in peril” by John Shepherd
August 11: National Geographic: Dirty Fishing” Emptying Oceans, Experts Say by Sharon Guynup
August 19-15: The Economist: A new way to feed the world
July 26: Science News: Catch News: What can be done as marine ecosystems face a deepening crisis?
July 14: L’Unita: Plancton e meduse, il cibo del futuro by Daniel Pauly
July 12: Scientific American: Genetic Analysis Revises Tally of Past Whale Populations
July 12: Weekend Australia: Scaling Down by Creg Callaghan p. 8
July: Scientific American: Counting the Last Fish by Daniel Pauly and Reg Watson
June 5: Nature: “Panel calls for sea change to fisheries policy by Virginia Gewin
May 14: New Scientist: Ocean’s great fish all but gone by Bob Holmes
March 6: UBC Reports: Scientist Predicts Ocean Fisheries Disaster by Hilary Thomson
February 20: The Economist: Turtle Power
January 25: Scientific American: Deep Crisis: Fishy Figures
January: Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment: EU fisheries policy under fire by Tina Adler
January: Science & Vie: Le sort de la pêche dans les filets des statistiques by Marie-Laure Moinet
Unknown: Ekonom: Jak zachránit rybárství
Unknown: Expreso: Salvar los Peces del Mundo by Daniel Pauly
Unknown: Morgenbladet: Redd verdens fiskebestander by Daniel Pauly


December 12: L’Usine Nouvelle: Faut-il Baisser Fortement les Quotas de Pêche? by Jean Meilhaud
November 25: Time: Is Fish Farming Safe? by Terry McCarthy
October 18: National Fisherman: Alone and Skewered by Jerry Fraser
October 17: Nature: How many more fish in the sea? by Quirin Schiermeier
October (No. 14): Fishing in Europe: Rekindling rationality back into fisheries
September 9: Newsweek: Africa’s Lost Fish
August: Australasian Science: Global Warming is Good (If You Like Calamari)
July/August: La Recherche: Quand le poisson vient à manquer… by Daniel Pauly, Reg Watson, et Villy Christensen
July 13: New Scientist: “West Africa’s fish stocks collapse
May 27: Der Spiegel Online: Fische in Seenot by Philip Bethge
May: Biodiversity: Huge subsidies destroying Earth’s marine fisheries
April/May: Ocean Update: North Atlantic Study Claims Food Fish Catches Have Declined by Half Despite Tripled Fishing Effort…
April 30: Fishing Boat World: China’s Fishing Fleet Facing Massive Reduction
April 30: Scientific American: Data Points: Fish Tales
April 19: Science: Going to the Edge to Protect the Sea by David Malakoff
April: UBC Grad Tidings: Fisheries Centre Researchers Make Waves
March/April: American Scientist: Skewed Skepticism
March 4: Business Week: Overfishing Threatens the North Atlantic’s Future>
February 26: National Geographic: Cold War Technology Helps Deplete Ocean Fisheries by D.L. Parsell
February 25: National Geographic: Cold war military technologies have devastated global fish populations by Bijal P. Trivedi
February 22: Environmental Science & Technology: Fish Food Facts by Kellyn Bett
February 21: The Economist: Dead in the water
February 18: NewScientist: Complete collapse of North Atlantic fishing predicted by Kurt Kleiner
January 21: Newsweek: “China’s statistics are fishier than their oceans” by Adam Piore and Paul Mooney


December 10: USnews & World Report: “All the fish in China” by Thomas Hayden
December 6: International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development: “New Study Reveals Underreporting Of Fish Catch Decline
December 1: New Scientist: “Fish out of water” by Mark Schrope
December 1: Science News: “Fishy data hid decline in global catch
December 1: University of New Hampshire Alumnus News: UNH dean suspects China’s inflated catches mask overfishing
November 29: Economist: Fishy figures by Natasha Loder
November 29: Nature: Global fisheries: Stock taking
November 29: Nature: Catch figures fishy by Helen Pearson


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