2002 Radio & TV Interviews

August 8 Radio-Canada Sustainability of World Fisheries Daniel Pauly
June 15 and 16 Earth and Sky Marine Biomass and Marine Protected Areas Daniel Pauly Real Player
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February 23 Epress.ca “The effects of our past and current fishing practices on the future of the fisheries industry.” Reg Watson 18:22
February 22 Discovery Channel Biomass reductions in the North Atlantic on Discovery Canada;” with Jay Ingram
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Daniel Pauly 6:14 Windows Media file
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February 21 CBC This Morning A new study from the University of British Columbia says the commercial fishing industry is fast on its way to wiping out all the food fish in the sea” with Sheila Rogers
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Reg Watson 14:55 . wav file
February 20 Weather Network R. Watson and the effects of weather on fisheries” with Oga Nwobosi (2 MB)
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