2001 Radio & TV Interviews

December 3 Fairchild Radio (AM 1479) Daniel Pauly
December CBC NewsWorld R. Watson discussing global distortions of reported catch” with Kathleen Perry
(4.8 MB file)
Reg Watson 4:12 Windows Media file
November 30: Fairchild Radio (AM 1479) Daniel Pauly
November 29 Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio China’s overstatement masks decline in global fish stocks” by Simon Lauder
(19 MB file)
Reg Watson 3:40 wav file. (Transcriptavailable.)
November 29 National Public Radio’s Morning Edition “Controversy over the world’s fishing stocks” by David Kestenbaum Daniel Pauly
Date unknown NBC Miami, Ecowatch Daniel Pauly
Date unknown Empty Oceans, Empty Nets No title Daniel Pauly Transcript only