Seabird Research

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Rhinoceros auklet eating sandlance. Photo Credit: Daniel Donnecke










Published Article:

Paleczny M, Hammill E, Karpouzi V and Pauly D (2015) Population trend of the world’s monitored seabirds, 1950-2010. PLoS ONE DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0129342.

PDF available here.
Data Spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel available here.

Media coverage:

Seabird population down 70 per cent around the world, say UBC researchers (Vancouver Sun)

After 60 million years of extreme living, seabirds are crashing (The Gaurdian)
Global trends show seabird populations dropped 70 per cent since 1950s (UBC press release)
Seabirds suffering massive population declines (CBS News)

Ancient Murrelet flying. Photo Credit: Daniel Donnecke

Ancient Murrelet flying. Photo Credit: Daniel Donnecke







Related Research

Karpouzi, V. S., Watson, R., & Pauly, D. (2007). Modelling and mapping resource overlap between seabirds and fisheries on a global scale: a preliminary assessment. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 343, 87-99. PDF available here.